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We can help secure your financial future with a tailored solution unique to your individual situation.


Young Families

Balancing home loan repayments along with living expenses and investments in superannuation and non superannuation can be difficult to establish. A professional financial plan can have a marked effect on how a families finances balance out each week and where a families finances end up towards retirement.

Importantly sickness and illness can put at risk the hard work parents put in to ensure financial stability for the future of their children. Financial planning can help minimize the impact of potential risks as none of us know what is around the corner.

Mature Families

Education expenses along with up sizing or down sizing homes and managing savings and investments to try and maximize your life style is difficult. Estate planning and planning for retirement should be mapped out while there is time to implement your plans. Superannuation is a more complicated investment than most of us think. This has been highlighted by the dramatic effects of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis.) Is it time to assess your super and be shown ways so that you can be involved in the investment decisions. With the help of Seek Financial Advice you can have an active role (or passive role if you wish) in decisions regarding your Super.


Are you trying to managing investments and pensions along with arranging your estate? Are you planning on transitioning from the family home to alternate/ retirement accommodation? Help from a qualified financial planner can make a significant difference in understanding your options and ensure transition is implemented effectively with ease.

Lump Sums

Have you received a lump sum from a transport accident, work cover, public liability or medical negligence case? Have you received a lump sum from inheritance or redundancy? Efficient and effective planning is crucial to ensure the lump sum will achieve the purpose for which the money has been paid. Trying to invest the capital for growth whilst protecting it and establishing an income stream is a difficult balance to maintain. Professional financial planning can assist with a positive outcome based around your requirements.

Migrants and Overseas Investors

The Australian economy has proved to be one of the most resilient global economies through out the GFC. The Australia culture and multicultural life style make this country a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Our financial system whilst robust also offers an extremely wide variety of options in finance and investments. Establishing a financial plan with your objectives at its core along with specifically selected financial products can promote financial prosperity.

SME Business Advice

Seek Financial Advice, offers detailed advice and assistance to SME both at set up and established phases. Our Financial Planning specialists assist in mitigating risks and optimizing financial strategies maximising the security of your business and the people within it. Tax management strategies can help legally reduce your tax liabilites. Seek Financial Advice can help busy people find solutions for insurance, superannuation, financial planning, risk management or investment strategy.

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